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damp repairs

Quality caravan damp repair services around Dunmow

What you get when you choose us:

Our services provide value for your money

•  Caravan repairs and service

•  Motorhomes servicing

•  Caravan spare parts

•  Caravan bodywork services

•  Free quotes

•  Over 25 years of experience in the industry

•  Personalised service

•  Mobile caravan repair service and more

Twelve months post repair, we'll conduct a free dampness retest to ensure our work has remained successful.

Contact us today to speak with the experts on further details.


Get quality caravan damp repair services at affordable prices. We serve Dunmow, Cambridge, Colchester, Southend-on-Sea, and Stevenage. Call

01371 856 070

Is your caravan suffering from water ingress? This could happen due to failure in seals around moulding, window rubbers, and body apertures. At County Caravan Services LTD, we’ll help prevent these problems through damp tests conducted at an early detection stage. From repairing individual seals to full body and frame reconstruction, we can do it all.


When you come to us, we'll provide a quote for you as accurately and as visibly possible. For extremely severe damages, we'll keep you informed at every stage thus avoiding any unexpected charges.

For motorhome & caravan repair and maintenance in and around Dunmow, call 01371 856 070

Damp proofing services available